Eilean Donan Castle by DRW Photography

Friday, December 12, 2014

Interview & Giveaway With Stephen MacKay

Interview of Stephen MacKay – Dragon Knight’s Medallion by Mary Morgan
Before I start with the interview with Stephen, I want you all to know how excited I was to be there to interview this man. It was hard to tear myself away from him when it was over, but I managed. He is quite hot ya know.

Kimi: Thank you for allowing me to do this interview, Stephen. Can you tell my readers where I am?

Stephen MacKay: Ye are in the great hall at Urquhart Castle. A certain Fenian Warrior was persuaded by my beautiful wife, Aileen, to bring ye here.  Read More Click Here


I haven't shown any beautiful stuff from Eilean Donan Castle in a while, so here are a few from DRW Photography. (I have permission to use these as long as they link to DRW page)

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