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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Greater Expectations by Alexander McCabe

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TITLE – Greater Expectations AUTHOR – Alexander McCabe GENRE – Romantic Comedy PUBLICATION DATE – August 5th 2014 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 257 pages / approx. 90,000 words PUBLISHER – Self published ebook COVER ARTIST – Kirsty C. Maclauchlan

Friday, February 27, 2015

Stitches by Jeremy L Blunt

I have had issues with my Email for the last week and in time I lost all my emails. I had agreed to post Stiches today by 11 am. I am so sorry for the delay.



TITLE – Stitches- Because Some Wounds Need More Than a Band-Aid Cure AUTHOR – Jeremy L Blunt PUBLICATION DATE – February 10, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 184 PUBLISHER – Upland Avenue Publishing Group COVER ARTIST – Daniela Frongia

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Review of Lachlan's Revenge and More

Lachlan's Revenge ~ R.L. Syme

I just loved this book. From beginning to epilogue. It was fun and so much deception. Who was playing who. What would the outcome be? Can you figure out whats gonna happen before ity happens. I love books like this. I started this book last night and finished about 40 minutes ago.

You think at first he has gone nutty, stealing a girl to marry her. Just to stop her father from warring with him. But then as the book progresses. You just sit and watch as the book unfolds. Then there is a lot of "Oh dam, that gotta suck" kind of situations. I just couldn't put it down. All the characters were fun, especially his adult/married daughter. lmao What I wouldn't give to be in the room with her and her father at times.

Anyways, the book has a great plot, story progressed wonderfully and the H/H were totally believable. It was just a fun book.

Donna Fletcher has a.......

Cover reveal & excerpt…Highlander The Dark Dragon.

DonnaFletcher_HighlanderTheDarkDragon_200pxHeather woke with a start, her heart beating wildly and her body chilled. It took her a moment to realize that she was home in the safety of her bedchamber and tucked comfortably in her bed. It had been two days since her return home and she had yet to feel completely safe and protected. She had woken the last two mornings, thinking she was still hiding in the woods from the ghost warriors while trying to make her way home. Her biggest fear had been that she would come face to face with her abductor—the Dark Dragon.
She shivered at the mere thought of his name and pulled the soft wool blanket up to her neck. Why the infamous warrior had had her abducted was still a question that haunted Heather and perhaps continued to be the cause of her unease. He abducted her once, would he not try again?
Heather shook her head. Lying abed would not solve her problems or ease her worries...... Click the book to read more.

From Kathryn Le Veque......

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Warrior and the Wanderer & Accepting Fate Tours

Me: Tell us about yourself
Elizabeth: I’m the  product of the Mad Men era. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s when doing things  like sneaking up on the roof of our suburban Richmond, VA home to read Judy Blume books and drink Dr. Pepper out of glass bottles was considered fine living. These days I still live in the ‘burbs only now I’m inside the Washington, DC beltway in our mid-century home where I live with my husband of 29 years, our son, one old Australian Cattle Dog, and one privileged Maine Coon mix cat. When not writing, I am trekking the wilds looking for birds and photographing them, as well as doing urban archaeology by junking and turning those cast-offs into dime-store/vintage  inspired creations for my etsy shop: Dime Store Chic. Oh, yes, and I still read on the roof...of our tool shed.
Me: Tell us about your new book?
Elizabeth: “Warrior and the Wanderer” is my foray into the Scottish-historical-romance-time-travel genre. (That’s a mouthful!)  I adore time-travel stories. I find the development  of characters being thrust back in time, or facing a person from another time, fascinating. “Warrior and the Wanderer” came about when I was watching The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” and I wondered what folks five hundred years in the past would have thought about music like that. I modeled the sarcastic wit my hero, Ian MacLean, uses as a defense mechanism from old John Lennon  interviews. My heroine, Bess Campbell, a fierce Highlander, has enough on her plate when the story opens, and now she has to deal with this very strange man named MacLean. Rather that burn him at the stake, she finds it’s far better to use his odd ways to further her own interests.
Me: When you write, does your real life spill over into your book at any time?
Elizabeth: In some very small ways. There may be a quirk here or a small encounter in daily life that I might work into a story as long as it matches the book’s tempo and theme.
Me: Do you think about a book of yours, being made into a movie, or not when writing?
Elizabeth: I love movies and I can’t help but thinking of my stories as little movies in my head as I put them onto my computer screen. Sometimes they even have soundtracks!
Me: When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?
Elizabeth: Not particularly. I like names that have a certain ring to them and are fairly accessible for the reader to pronounce and remember.
Me: What made you want to write and also what made you want to write the genre you are writing?
Elizabeth: When I was ten, I read “Harriet the Spy” and loved the idea of keeping a notebook like Harriet did. I looked forward to writing in it as often as I could. Eventually I wrote short stories and then whole books of really bad fiction. I was drawn to Scottish historical romance, because of my family’s origins and the fact that I just love stories about relationships and adventure. I also have to admit that I like doing the research for the books as well. I even studied Scottish Gaelic in adult ed classes for three years.
Me: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Elizabeth: My sisterhood of writing friends are all mentors and inspirations to me. They are hard-working, wonderful women who I aspire to be when I grow up!
Me: Do you have any tips for our readers that might dream of writing?
Elizabeth: Don’t dream. Do it. I know that the blank page or screen can be a frightening prospect. Just get those thoughts down. Dance with your thoughts and ideas by putting words on the page. You can edit later. Remember that you have complete control over your story because it is just that: yours.
Me: Tell us anything you want?
Elizabeth: Thank you, for giving me the opportunity to meet your readers. It is an honor and a pleasure to introduce myself and my book to you. Cheers and Slainte! Elizabeth

My Review of  Warrior and the Wanderer ~ Elizabeth Holcombe

 This is a great book. First I like to say that usually, at least for me, see time travel with women always going back in time. Having it reversed is a great aspect. It was great reading the heroine and hero bicker and hide their feelings. The idea of being around people who are, what you believe, not all there upsatirs. Both of them thinking this of each other. I couldn't put it down.

You got this arrogant guy, yet somewhat depressed from his fall from fame. Then you have the Hot tempered about to die female. Who thinks this man her enemy.

Try as you might, you cannot stop reading. You have mystery, revenge, laughter, and love all rolled into a simply well written book.

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TITLE – Warrior and the Wanderer AUTHOR – Elizabeth Holcombe GENRE – Scottish historical romance/time travel PUBLICATION DATE – December 23, 2014 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 249 pages PUBLISHER – Amazon Kindle COVER ARTIST – Fiona Jayde Media Designs