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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Review of Lachlan's Revenge and More

Lachlan's Revenge ~ R.L. Syme

I just loved this book. From beginning to epilogue. It was fun and so much deception. Who was playing who. What would the outcome be? Can you figure out whats gonna happen before ity happens. I love books like this. I started this book last night and finished about 40 minutes ago.

You think at first he has gone nutty, stealing a girl to marry her. Just to stop her father from warring with him. But then as the book progresses. You just sit and watch as the book unfolds. Then there is a lot of "Oh dam, that gotta suck" kind of situations. I just couldn't put it down. All the characters were fun, especially his adult/married daughter. lmao What I wouldn't give to be in the room with her and her father at times.

Anyways, the book has a great plot, story progressed wonderfully and the H/H were totally believable. It was just a fun book.

Donna Fletcher has a.......

Cover reveal & excerpt…Highlander The Dark Dragon.

DonnaFletcher_HighlanderTheDarkDragon_200pxHeather woke with a start, her heart beating wildly and her body chilled. It took her a moment to realize that she was home in the safety of her bedchamber and tucked comfortably in her bed. It had been two days since her return home and she had yet to feel completely safe and protected. She had woken the last two mornings, thinking she was still hiding in the woods from the ghost warriors while trying to make her way home. Her biggest fear had been that she would come face to face with her abductor—the Dark Dragon.
She shivered at the mere thought of his name and pulled the soft wool blanket up to her neck. Why the infamous warrior had had her abducted was still a question that haunted Heather and perhaps continued to be the cause of her unease. He abducted her once, would he not try again?
Heather shook her head. Lying abed would not solve her problems or ease her worries...... Click the book to read more.

From Kathryn Le Veque......

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