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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day YAY

I have two things today. Valentine in Love by Ami C Samuel, I also have an Interview with Aurrora St James

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Beautiful Valentine Dupond is haunted by her name.
“Valen-teeen…”she keeps telling people in her scrumptious French accent, “My name is Valen-teeeeen!”

And Valentine doesn’t just have a romantic name; she speaks French the language of love…
Only, her love life is very far from exciting, in fact she does not have one.

Lovely Valentine is a vegetarian veterinarian in Perth, Australia, and lives with a fat cat and a dance crazed-housemate with two left feet.

So where is “l’amour”,you may ask?
Where is the wild romance?
Where, oh WHERE is the French kissing!!!

Well, hold your horses, girls, cause gorgeous red-hot millionaire Joshua Hudgewich is about to enter stage-left and sweep Valentine right off her dancing shoes. Though not without some Drama, of course, and leaving a few dents and bruises on Valentine's tender heart...


Ami C. Samuel is the pen-name of a beautiful, bubbly Mauritian lady; so lovely you'd be forgiven for mistaking her for one of her heroines! Living in Paradise has inspired Ami to write deliciously funny and light-hearted romances, all with a Tropical twist...
Valentine in Love is her first novel published with WDA, with a second delicious romantic adventure Crystal-balls & Croissants on its way, and a third already in the works! freshly been published, and a third is already in the works.

A signed copy of Valentine in Love and  
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Below is Aurrora St. James, Which was Going to be posted but I waited to do so on Valentines day and time.

1.      Do you have to travel much concerning your books?

Fortunately I don’t at this point. However I anticipate that at some point in the near future, I’m going to want to start attending more reader and writer conferences. I’ve done this quite a bit in the past and I definitely miss the interaction with others.

2.      What was the hardest part of writing your book?

I think it depends on the book. For Set in Stone, writing the entire thing was hard because for the first draft I didn’t have an outline to work from. That made the revisions a monster because there were so many things that changed from the start to the end. In Gavril of Aquina, the first draft was a breeze, but the revisions were challenging because I hadn’t added in a lot of the detail I needed. Now that I’m working on the next book, I have an outline and am adding in the details as I write. Which is making this first draft hard again. Maybe when I’m on my tenth book it will all be cohesive? One can hope, right?

3.      When you start writing your book, does your H/H ever talk to you? If so what are some of the things they might say?

They do talk to me. Even all throughout the writing process. Mostly they show me scenes or portions of a scene and talk about what is happening. Or show me what they are saying with the other character(s) in the scene. I love these times and usually hurry to write down what they say.  

4.      What made you want to write the books you currently write?

It’s funny, but I’ve always loved to read romance, so it was natural to want to write it. To see my own heroes and heroines have adventures and fall in love. As for the magical aspect, it kind of grew out of the stories. First with Set in Stone and then Gavril. I hadn’t really planned it with Set in Stone and the magic was part of what made Gavril who he once was. Maybe it is just one more element of escaping reality, but now I love it.

5.      Do you ever experience writer's block?

Yes. I find it happens most when I’ve written my characters into a place where I don’t know what happens next. That’s why having a decent outline is so important. I may not have to have 100% of the story outlined, but if I don’t have a good 75%, then I could get to a place where I’ve gone too far down a rabbit hole that led to a dead end. At that point, I struggle until I realize the mistake and can back up. But it’s very frustrating.

6.      Do you work with an outline, or just write?

I’ve decided that writing with an outline is the best way. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s hard to come up with an outline at the start of a book, but when in the actual writing, it makes things so much easier. It keeps me and the characters on track, while still allowing for some flexibility. I like allowing the characters to explore within the outline and they always suggest new avenues. Most turn out to be far better than what I come up with, and in the end, make for a better story.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog! I’m truly grateful for all you do to support romance authors. You’re the best!

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  1. Thanks for having Amy's new book featured on your blog. It looks lovely. :) Will share.