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Monday, January 25, 2016

Period Images

I came across this wonderful site. I mean they are AWESOME pictures for a great price. They give you complete details about each license and what it means, then you find the picture and can easily figure out which license to buy for your needs. Besides, the guys and lady's on the site are hot, but more importantly they are done in categories for you. Just search the genre and pick the picture. They have every category you can think of and or need.

This is from their site About:

Period Images is the premier destination for high quality images traversing a wide range of genres from the past to the present.

It is our goal to provide you with hard to find, but affordable images reminiscent of a particular era for all your publishing needs.

*Do you know that Period Images does full production photo-shoots?

From the custom-made attires, to the hair, make-up and set design, Period Images is fully staffed with skilled artisans, digital artists, photographers and beautiful professional models with acting backgrounds, to depict 'scenes' and capture the essence of the era. That said, all of our images have Model and Property Releases. Not only that, but RVHC, our parent company which specializes in couture period fashion and products, also owns the Design Copyright and Trademark of all the attires we use, so you're guaranteed that you'll never end up with a cover image of models wearing cheap Halloween costumes found online, or in rental and seasonal stores.

(Screenshot) Image taken from their site. Note: the watermark is still on each picture. 
This means you need to buy it before you can use it.

For those of you like me, who would like to add these to your Book Covers, EBanners, or EPost Cards, you can easily do it and for a great price. Superb pictures at a great price.

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