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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kathryn Le Veque

This weeks Interview is with Kathryn Le Veque. She is one of my Favorite Authors and I am so glad she was able to do this for me. 

1. Tell us about yourself? (Got from her website)

She started out at age 13 writing a space-travel novel, inspired by a recently-released film called “Star Wars”. The following years were filled with minimal writing, mostly on spiral notebooks in the days before personal computers. Then, in 1992, she decided to get serious.

“Your writing can either be a hobby or it can be who you are. Make your choice.”

That was some advice she received from an established author. So she made a choice; she was going to make writing who she was. Historical fiction was her passion and she learned everything she could about it. The writing field isn’t like being an actor or a singer; actors can be ‘extras’ and singers can be ‘back up singers’. A writer is on her/his own. There are no supporting roles. A writer must stand on her/his own talents, so Kathryn decided to take the time to hone her craft. And that involved writing novel after novel, deciding what her style was, what worked for her, what didn’t, and understanding how to write tight and perfect. It’s still an ongoing process, but she’s well on her way.

2. Tell us about your unreleased book, or just released book? (Picked her brain and also can find on her website)
There will be a Surprise Release May 31st 2014 then on Tuesday 15, July 2014 
It's years after The Dark Lord, Jax de Velt, tore through the Welsh marches and captured several castles.  Still, he holds lands that do not belong to him. Out of the ashes from this dark and lawless time rises the son of one of the men Jax de Velt put to the stake. Bent on revenge against The Dark Lord, he will stop at nothing to gain back what is rightfully his until a daughter of de Velt interferes. She comes between the knight and his revenge... but will he stop completely?

3. What book do you, if you had the option, want made into a movie? (Asked this directly)

I would pick THE DARK ONE: DARK KNIGHT for a miniseries. That one would be awesome! Oh, but in answer to your question, LESPADA, and LADY OF HEAVEN (a contemporary) are being made into screenplays. 

Extra Information: She has around 44 books. Right now she has several books on sale for .99 cents on Amazon.com through May 31st, like this one, Valley of the Shadow (Kathlyn Trent/Marcus Burton Romance Adventure Series) (Volume 1).

She also has Postcards that is being added to her swag bag of goodies. Check out her Facebook Author page for more information. https://www.facebook.com/kathrynlevequenovels